Getting Started with Inductions

Getting Started with Inductions

An Induction Template is a template on which site managers are able to base their site induction forms and make changes specifically where needed.

With our Inductions feature, you can:

  • Create a Site Induction Template for your whole company.

  • Create a specific Site Induction Form for each site.

  • Distribute these induction forms to your workers, and review each form individually.

  • The workers will fill out a site induction form that is relevant to the site's needs.

  • Create Custom Role Induction forms that can be assigned to one or more roles.

  • Complete the Induction Form on-site or off-site.

The NEW features provide construction companies more flexibility in how they now onboard new workers. As a result of these upgrades, compliance, risk, and safety outcomes will be significantly improved. They will also ease induction process bottlenecks and speed up worker access to tools.


Set up your Company Role Inductions

(You must be a Company Admin to complete this step)

This allows you to create Induction Templates for a specific role.

Read about Customizing your Company Role Inductions here.


Creating Company-wide Induction Forms

You may choose to create a company-wide induction form, and/or create a customized induction form according to your custom roles, or create a company-wide induction for ALL Roles.

Read about Setting up Company-wide Custom Role Induction Forms here.


Creating Site Induction templates

Templates make the site induction creation process for Site Managers faster. Multiple templates can be created to meet the needs of different types of projects and to standardise site documentation across your business.

Read how to Build an Induction Form Template here.


Creating and Setting up a Site Induction Form

You can make an induction form from scratch or use the company template.
Read about Creating Site Induction Forms here.


Completing a Site Induction

Once the induction form has been created it can be completed through the app.
Read about Completing Site Inductions here.


Reviewing Site Inductions

Once an induction has been completed it is able to be reviewed online. From here they can either be accepted or rejected.
Read about Reviewing Site Induction via Web Panel, Reviewing Inductions via Mobile App (Site Managers View), and Viewing Modular Induction role-specific inductions when On-Site, and Off-Site here.


Performing manual Site Inductions

If someone doesn't have access to a smartphone, the induction can be printed and completed manually and uploaded through a manager's app. From there it can be reviewed online and stored.
Read about Performing Manual Site Inductions here.


Marking users as Visitors

In some cases, you may have a visitor coming to the site. Marking them as a visitor is preferable instead of leaving them uninducted and risking inaccurate data.
Read about Marking Users as Visitors here.


Removing users from your site

To stop previous workers from accidentally signing on to your site you can remove them from the site which will increase your data accuracy.
Read about Removing Users from your Site here.


Inductions have never been made this convenient and easy...

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