Where To Find And How To Use the Site Specific SignOn QR Code

A QR code can be added to your site entry signs and gateways giving your teams another way of signing on and accessing their site docs.

Each site has been given its own unique QR code that can be found under the Site Settings tab.

1. Scroll down the page until you find the QR code. 

2. Right-click the image and select COPY or SAVE.

3. The QR code can be added/pasted to your site's signs, entry posters, and gateways for your teams to scan and sign on.


Additional pages relating to site-specific SignOn QR Codes:

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Download our Site Posters (simply copy + paste the site QR Code) 


The QR code is particularly helpful for: 

Sites that experience interference with location services

Sometimes customers have sites where there is location services interference, such as dense inner-city areas, enclosed concrete spaces, or when Apple and Google location services are down (which happens from time to time).

If workers are having trouble signing in to sites with the app in these scenarios, they can simply scan the QR code to sign in - the feature does not need location services to work.


Sites that are set to a 'Manual' sign-on

QR code sign-on works well for sites that are set to manual sign-on - posters with the QR codes can be displayed around the site, providing visual cues to help people remember to sign in (and sign in to the correct site).

This is very useful for certain customers (e.g. fit-out) who have multiple different sites that are ‘stacked’ directly on top of each other.


For workers who do not want to use location services

Some workers would like to use the mobile app to sign on and use other features but are uncomfortable with enabling location services to do so.

Rather than them not using the app and having to use a kiosk or being manually signed on by a site manager, they can still use the app and sign on via QR code instead.


To assist in onboarding first-time SignOnSite users or if it's their first day on the project

If it’s a person’s first time on site, or they have not used SignOnSite before, they can simply scan the QR code on a poster to sign in to the correct site.

People don’t need to ask or think about what site they need to sign on to, and helps them avoid signing in to an incorrect site.

The QR code sign-on feature uses deep linking - if a person scans the QR code and does not have the app installed or they are not logged in to the app, they will be immediately signed on to the site after being prompted to download the app and creating an account, or directly after logging in to the app.