Sharing Multiple Briefings with Site Teams throughout the day


If there is information that needs to be shared with the site team throughout the day ie:

- change of conditions (machinery entering, weather conditions etc)

- incident on site-avoid hazard area (include maps and precautions)

- update to works on site (delays or works brought forward)

you can inform all workers on-site using the Briefings tool.




How to Update a Briefing

Click here for the guide to edit Briefings


Share the Briefing with Site Teams

Before clicking on Publish, be sure to select the check box "Send update to all signed on workers?". This ensures the new information is sent to workers that are currently signed-on.





Review your Briefing


You will be prompted to review your amendment and make sure that you would like to proceed with the change.



From here, your new briefing will be set. Your workers on site will be prompted with the notification below that they will need to acknowledge the new set briefing.


Push Notification for Updated Briefings

A notification will be sent to all mobile phones of workers presently signed on.

This will prompt workers to read the newly updated briefing you have set.

This feature is available via the web panel. 

​You can also download a report to see who has acknowledged the briefing and/or update it. Check out how to do this here.