As a Subcontractor Supervisor you have the ability to add other Subcontractor Supervisors to manually sign on workers, gain access to sign on data, or just to show the system off.

You can only add other Subcontractor Supervisors from your company. If a Subcontractor Supervisor from another company on site would like access, they'll have to be added by a Site Manager.

Note: This article is for Subcontractor Supervisors. If you're a Site Manager looking to add Subcontractor Supervisors, please go to this article.

Steps for Subcontractor Supervisors

To add another Subcontractor Supervisor:

1. Log into the SignOnSite web panel using your username and password.

2. Click on the Site Settings button on the top right hand corner of the web panel.

3. Scroll down to the "Subcontractor Supervisors" section of the page.

4. In the box provided, enter the email address of the Subcontractor Supervisor you want to add, then hit "Next".

5. A drop-down menu with the companies you're authorised to manage will appear. Select the company that the Subcontractor Supervisor works for. Hit "Next" when you're done.

Note: If the company you're looking for doesn't exist, then you don't have permission to manage that company. Ask your Site Manager to add the Subcontractor Supervisor for you, or add you as a Subcontractor Supervisor for that company.

6. In the box provided, enter the type of work that the Subcontractor will perform, then hit "Add". The Subcontractor Supervisor should now appear in the register below.

Steps for your new Subcontractor Supervisor

If the name of the Subcontractor Supervisor appears in red, then the user is unregistered. SignOnSite will send them an email, and they'll need to click the link provided to activate their account.

Once the Subcontractor Supervisor has clicked on the email and set up an account, they will be able to enter the SignOnSite web panel themselves.

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