There are two options when needing a SignOnSite Kiosk. The first is to rent one directly from us. This kiosk will have been pre set up and ready for use straight away. Or you can buy your own iPad and set it up to be used as a SignOnSite kiosk.

If you choose to buy your own you can follow the steps below to set it up correctly.

  1. Downloading the app. The SignOnSite kiosk app can be downloaded by searching "SOSKiosk" on the app store on the iPad.

     2. Open the app and allow location services

Other recommended settings to put on the Kiosk

At SignOnSite our kiosks are set up with the following settings, we recommend you do the same.

  1. Turn brightness to full and auto lock off - when the kiosk is in the kiosk stand the iPads light sensor is covered and will think its dark causing the brightness to be very low

    2. auto-brightness off - this stops the iPad from automatically changing                     brightness. Can be found in general > Accessibility > Display                                -Accommodations 

     3. Bluetooth off - this saves battery

      4. auto correct and predictive text off - Prevents names from being                        autocorrected to something different. Can be found in General > Keyboard

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