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Using a Kiosk to Complete SWMS for Existing Users

Existing workers can now complete their SWMS via a Kiosk.

Note: Always verify that you are using the most recent Kiosk app version.


Here's a quick guide:


1. Open the Kiosk App, then select Sign On.



2. To proceed to the next page, look up your first name, or your mobile number

3. On the following page, acknowledge the Briefing. (The use of a Briefing differs on each site)



4. You will be directed to the SWMS page, where you can either Review or Skip the SWMS.
You have three choices after reading the SWMS: Acknowledge (accepting the scope of works), Not Applicable (if the scope of works does not apply to your role), or Skip (do it later).

(SWMS has been acknowledged in this image.)



5. Draw your signature, then click the Save button to finish the SWMS.



When completed, it will either direct you to the Induction page or display a green Sign On page.