Structuring a Permit Template via a Mobile App (Worker's View)


1. Go to your Site Docs and head on to Permits.



2. Choose a New Permit.



3. Choose the appropriate Permit for your job.



4. In the Permits Register, there are 3 categories you need to complete:

4.1 Team - This is auto-filled with the Requestor Company, Requester, and Team Members. The Obtain Approval on the upper right is grayed out and will only be available when the permit is completed.



Important note: Adding a team member is not possible if you have entry-level or worker user-level access. Only Subcontractor Supervisors and Site Managers have access to add team members.



4.2 Task - This is where you plot your start and end date & time. Hit Save when done.

4.3 Checks - These are reminders that you need to acknowledge. Scroll down as you read through it then hit Save to keep changes.



5. By hitting Obtain Approval, a pop-up modal will appear to acknowledge the completion of the Permit. tap on Yes-Submit Request to move on to the signature page or No-Return to Screen to go back to the previous pages.



6. Upon choosing Yes-Submit Request, you will be directed to the signature page where you to draw your signature. Hit Submit to finish the steps.