Structuring a Permit Template via a Mobile App (Subcontractor Supervisor's View)


1. Open your Mobile App's Site Docs and head on to Permits.

IMG_2918 (1).png


2. Choose a New Permit. (This page will also display all the Permits you created and is statuses.)



3. Choose the available Permit for your job.



4. In the Permits Register, you will find 3 categories:

     4.1 Team - This is auto-filled with the Requestor Company, Requester. However, for Team Members, you are able to add participants. The Obtain Approval on the upper right is grayed out and will only be available when the permit is completed.



          Important Note:

Having a Subbie Supervisor access, you have the ability to add team members.

            Tap on the workers to wish to add. A green check will indicate your chosen workers.


     4.2 Task - This is where you plot your start and end date & time. 


     4.3 Checks - These are reminders that you need to acknowledge. Scroll down as you read through the important reminders. 



4.4 Logs - This is your activity section, where you can track the status of your Permit.