Structuring a Permit Template via a Mobile App (Site Manager's View)

1. Go to Permits under the Site Docs of your mobile app.



2. Select a New Permit. (This page will also show the statuses of every permit you've created.)



3. Select the appropriate permit for the job.



4. There are 3 categories to choose from in the Permits Register:

    4.1 Team - The Requestor Company and Requester are automatically filled in here. You can, however, add participants to Team Members. Only when the permission is finished will the grayed-out Obtain Approval button in the upper right corner become active. To add a worker, tap on them. Your chosen employees will be shown a green check.

Note: You have the option to Call or Remove the newly added users. If no additional action is necessary, you can close the pop-up modal.



    4.2 Task - Plot your start and end dates and times here. 

    4.3 Checks - These are reminders that you need to pay attention to. Continue reading for important reminders as you go down. 



    4.4 Logs - In this part, you can keep tabs on your activities and the status of your permit.



5. Once finished, you will receive a pop-up notification informing you that the Permit has been requested for completion by your Subcontractor Supervisors and Workers.