Inviting Site Wardens

What are Site Wardens and why should you add them to your site?

With the Site Warden tool, you may give any worker on site the ability to activate an evacuation alarm.


Steps for Site Managers and Company Administrators

To Add a Site Warden:

1. Search for your Site on your Web Panel and head on to the Settings tab. Scroll down to the Site Wardens section.



2. In the box provided, Enter the Email Address of the Site Warden you want to add, then click on Add Site Warden button.



If an account exists but they have never verified their email it will show up as unverified.

As soon as they click on the email to verify their account, the user's account will update to give them access.

If the name of the Site Warden appears in red, then the user is unregistered. SignOnSite will send them an email, and they'll need to click the link provided to create their account.

The user will have Site Warden access.



Once the Site Warden has clicked on the email and set up an account, a new Manager tab will be available on their SignOnSite App.

If a worker is signed on at the site when they are added, they will have to sign off the site and then sign back on the site for the Manager tab to appear.





Initiating an Evacuation

To initiate an evacuation, Site Wardens can follow instructions on how to Perform an Evacuation from the Mobile App.