Inviting Site Managers


A quick guide to Site Managers and how to invite them


You'll want to invite your on-site management team to be Site Managers, so they can perform the day-to-day management of the site such as:

  • Invite Site Managers.

  • Invite Subcontractor Supervisors.

  • Create site induction forms.

  • Approve worker inductions.

  • Set briefings.

  • Sign all workers on / off.

  • Sign all visitors on / off.

  • Perform an evacuation.

  • Create and Approve Worker Permits.

  • Delete site-level staff.

  • Delete users from the site.

  • Contact anyone on-site via the phone app.

  • Access site reports and statistics.


  • Set up, modify, or reactivate archived sites.

  • Delete Company Administrators.

To invite someone to become a Site Manager, navigate to the Settings tab and enter their email under the Site Managers section. Click Add Site Manager to send them an invitation.



The invitee will receive an email that they need to verify before the system will update them as a Site Manager.


To Remove a Site Manager, click the Trash Bin icon under Actions next to their name.


Note: Site Managers cannot remove Company Administrators.