Invitations Tab In The Management Panel

 There are two types of invitations to help your team get going with SignOnSite.

1. Site Onboarding and Induction Invitation

Site Managers and Company Administrators can use this type of invitation to share Induction docs with workers prior to them arriving on site.

The invitation can be sent via SMS or Email.

When a worker clicks on the link in the SMS or email, it builds a connection between that worker and the project (this is needed before they can complete site docs or automatically sign-on to site).


The Site Onboarding and Induction Invitation is a great way to get your subbies and workers onboard. The invitation can be sent to the admin/leading hand/supervisor of the contracting company who can forward it to the rest of the team. 

The platform will connect each phone/user that the link is used on.


How to use the Site Onboarding and Induction Invitation:

- Select the Company of the person you are sending the invite to. This list is generate from the Companies on Site section in the site's Settings

- Click on your method of sending the invitation: SMS or Email

- Type in either the recipient's mobile number or email address

- First and Last names are optional

- Click Send Invitation

2. SMS Invitation

This is an easy way to assist users in downloading the SignOnSite mobile app. When you invite a user, they'll receive an SMS message requesting them to download and register to the app. You'll be able to see who's been invited from your site and whether they've downloaded the app. Additionally, you can reinvite them to download the app.


To invite a new user, simply enter the invitee's first name, last name, mobile number and company name then click the Invite User button

Note: If the invitee has not downloaded the app yet, you may click on the Reinvite button under the Actions of the Past SMS Invites section to send a new SMS invitation