FAQ's: How Our System Works for Data Extraction on Site Statistics

  • The induction number on the site relates to visitors who are currently registered, inducted, or not inducted. Any user who is removed from the website (i.e., disconnected from the website) will be removed from the data.

  • When you acquire site statistics, all users' attendance logs and induction status as of that time are revealed. If workers have been removed from the job site, the number of inducted workers here may differ from the number indicated on the web panel.

  • Whether or not the induction record was acknowledged, the induction number on the web panel corresponds to the total number of inductions completed for the site. As a result, if a worker submits an induction to the site with the identifier "induction 104," the site manager has the option to reject the induction. If he submits one straight away, the user induction number will be 105 (assuming no further inductions have been submitted since his initial induction). As a result, the number of inducted employees may differ from the actual number of inducted employees operating on-site.

  • If you downloaded the site statistics for a specific time period, you will only receive the overall number of users. It will then be shown whether or not the worker has been inducted. This will not provide all of the hired staff.

  • If you're looking for the number of inductions completed in a month (rather than the number of inducted personnel on site), you should look at a separate report. They can perform a count by sorting the induction date, or their firm administrators can access a data source containing this information.