Company Names In SignOnSite


A Company's Name Can Be Changed In Several Ways


There are several places a person's company name is shown in SignOnSite:

  1. In the Phone App (when they register through the app).
  2. In the Attendance Register list (both on the web and downloaded in a CSV file).
  3. In the Induction Register (on the web only).
  4. In an Induction Form.


Sometimes these names will differ. This is because:

  • Company Administrators and Site Managers can change the name of the company a worker works for in both the Attendance Register AND Induction Register.
  • When signing in for the first time, a person can register with ANY company listed in the Company Name Register (click on the link to see details on how to set up a company name register).
  • A person can enter ANY company name when completing an induction form.


Scenarios where this is important, are:

  • You have a sub-contractor of a sub-contractor who works across multiple subs and you want to organize your records by their head sub-contractor.
  • Your sub-contractors use labor-hire companies and you want to organize your records by their sub-contractor.


Changing a company name in the Attendance Register

When you change a company name in the Attendance Register, you will have an option to change the user's company for only future attendances OR change the company name for past attendances as well.



A person's historical records in CSV will NOT change unless you opt to change historical records.


This change will show up in the Induction Register as the company name they are currently assigned to.


The company name in the person's phone app will NOT change.


Changing a company name in the Induction Register

When you change a company name in the Induction Register, you will have the option to change the user's company for future attendance only.




You will not have an option to change past attendance register details.


This means, that one worker can have historical records associated with the OLD company name they were registered with. All new attendance records will be associated with the NEW name you have entered. This will be the case in both the attendance register in the web panel and in the .CSV file for older dates.


The company name in the person's phone app will NOT change.


When a Worker sets up their phone app account 

When creating an account on the phone app, the person will have the option to enter in the company they work for. If they are unable to find their company in the pre-loaded drop-down list (read more about the Company Name List here) they have the ability to free type a company name.



When a Worker uses a Kiosk 

If a worker is registering via a Kiosk, they can enter any company name as free text, unless a list of  Company Names has been loaded of which they can select who they work for.


When a company is entered into the induction form

When a person complete's an induction form, the company name they have registered on the phone app will pre-populate the form.


If a person decides to change this in the form, they can make this ANY company they want to enter, just like if they are completing a paper form. This DOES NOT carry into the induction register OR the Attendance Register. This is ONLY on the induction form.



An example is when you might notice different company names for one person on site

  • A head contractor Company A has multiple sub-contractors working for them on-site. One subcontractor is Company B.
  • Company B has Sam Signon from Company C working for them on-site. Sam Signon from Company C registers on the app under Company C.
  • When Sam Signon gets to the site, they register their attendance under Company B on the attendance form but put on their induction form Company C.
  • You want to organise all subcontractors associated with Company A. You change everyone from Company B to Company A in the Induction Register (this does not change historical attendance register details).
  • Sam Signon now has an induction form with Company C, old attendance register records (pre-assignment to Company A) to Company B, and an induction register record showing them working for Company A.