1. SignOnSite Support
  2. Creating and Managing Sites

Company Dashboard Overview


A quick guide on how to navigate the Company Dashboard


The SignOnSite system's front page is the Company Dashboard. When you first log in, you will be taken to the Company Dashboard.






In the Company Dashboard, you'll see a list of all the sites that you currently manage. You can use the search bar to search these sites by name, address, type, or job code.

You can also sort each column by clicking on it.

To enter a site, simply type the site name on the search bar and click on it.



To add a new site, hit the New Site button above the site list. This will take you to the new site page (click here for our guide on adding new sites).


To log out, click your function button at the top left-hand corner and next to the Home button.


If you are a Company Admin, you can access the company settings page by clicking the Settings button at the top of the screen.