How to sign onto site using SignOnSite

There are several different pathways a person can sign onto the site

  1. With their mobile phone automatically or manually

  2. Reporting to a Site Manager or. Supervisor / Foreman to sign them in

  3. Using a kiosk (tablet) to sign in

  4. Signing on using a QR Code

A Head Contractor can also provide a list of companies for a person to associate their sign-on activity. This can assist in identifying hours worked for the subcontractor to the site, and all the associated subbies or subbies. 


Mobile Phone Sign-In Options

There are both manual and automatic sign-in options available to workers and visitors signing into the site.

To automatically be recognized on-site either through the automatic or prompted sign-in option for the site:

  1. The site must be set to be automatic or prompted.

  2. The phone permissions (see Android and iPhone settings page) must be set to enable automatic or prompted sign-in.

  3. The App Settings must be toggled on to Automatic Sign-On.

If a worker opts to manually sign into the site, this stops SignOnSite from being able to recognize a phone on site. In this instance, the workers must manually search for the site every time they want to sign into the site. For SignOnSite to sign in a worker manually they must still receive confirmation of the phone's location is on-site, so will still require the access permission settings to be set to allow.

Once signed on, a worker or visitor can acknowledge a briefing or complete an induction. If a Worker's Passport is set up, the information in the Worker's Passport will push across into an induction.


What happens when you turn on and off permissions?

As SignOnSite uses geofencing, when you turn on and off permissions for the SignOnSite app, like Location access, wifi or Bluetooth, the SignOnSite app will not recognize your location immediately and you may have delayed sign-on and off action.


How does geofencing work?

Geofencing works by recognizing a phone's location in proximity to an area of interest (i.e. the site that you are registered to sign onto). This is completely owned and operated by Apple or Google, SignOnSite has no control over the process of determining a phone's location.

SignOnSite is advised when a phone enters a site geofence, to allow you to sign into that site.


Why does my phone provide SignOnSite with my location when I move?

When your phone moves location, it alerts SignOnSite that it has moved. 

SignOnSite then sends s list of the registered sites you have signed onto to your phone.

  • If your phone confirms its location is in the geofence of a site you are registered on, the SignOnSite app will go through the 'sign-on steps to confirm you are on site.

  • If your phone confirms its location IS NOT in the geofence of a site you are registered on, the SignOnSite app will go back to sleep in the background.


Reporting to a Site Manager / Site Supervisor

A SignOnSite user with Site Manager or Subcontractor Supervisor user access is able to sign on workers and visitors to the site via their mobile phone or on the web panel.

If you need to sign on and do not want to use your mobile phone, or a kiosk is not available, this is the best option to sign in.

It is recommended Site Supervisors for Subcontractors get access to be able to monitor the attendance of their workers and ensure workers are signed in.


Using a Kiosk

A kiosk is a great option to allow people to sign in to the site without having to resort to a Site Manager or Supervisor.

Workers and visitors and the site can sign in, as well as acknowledge a briefing and complete an induction.


Using a QR Code

You can Sign On Using a QR Code to your site's entrance signs and gateways to provide your teams with another way to log in and view their site documents.

Each site now has a special QR code that can be accessed from the Site Settings tab.

To log into your site and view your site-specific content, you can use a QR code that is unique to your site.


Associating sign-in with a Subcontractor Company

When you go through the sign-on process to a site, there can be an option to sign in under to a particular company that is registered on the site.

It is important to review the list and connect to the company that is being contracted to work on the site, as specified by the Head Contractor.