Why can't I sign onto site with my phone?

Use this checklist to help narrow down why sign-on issues might be happening.

1. Is the app set up correctly?

To check the settings in the app, go to Mobile App Menu > Troubleshoot.

Items that have the correct permissions/settings are confirmed in green.

If they are red or orange, this could impact how the app performs certain functions (such as signing on and off and receiving briefing notifications).

Follow the instructions on the sign "troubleshooting" located here:

 2. Is the app the most current version?
Check with the app store to ensure it is up to date. 
3. User behavior might be impacting the performance
If settings are toggled off (i.e. wifi, location services) and then turned back on when on site, this can impact the way the app is expected to perform, even if all the items under troubleshooting are green.
In these instances, we would explore manual sign-in options (via the worker's phone, with a site manager, or via a kiosk).
4. The age, quality, and damage to the phone might be impacting the performance
Phones that have had a rough life (dropped one too many times), cheaper phones with poorer quality components, and old phones with older components all may have issues with auto registration.
To check out phones with known issues, click here.
5. Phones have settings that may impact performance (i.e. turning off certain functions) when the battery is low
For both Android and iPhone, when batteries get low, the phone will automatically adjust settings that can inadvertently impact the app's performance. In these instances, be aware that low battery and discussing with the team can help address these issues by manually signing off and on to avoid potential issues.
6. Why else might this be happening
Other reasons why this might be occurring might be to do with the location of the site eg are there any large buildings around? How remote is the site? 


Next Steps
If this problem persists after going through the above checks, please contact support@signonsite.com.au to log a support ticket. Be sure to take a screenshot of the troubleshooting screen and attach it to the request.