Downloading Site Induction Records

How to Download Site Induction Records

Downloading an Induction Record can be achieved from the Actions section under Inducted Workers from your Inductions Register.

Here’s How:

  1. From your Site’s Induction Register, find the name of the user who submitted the form under the Inducted Workers section.

  2. Click on Download PDF under Actions.

  3. A Zip file of the induction record will be downloaded directly to your computer,


Each download will include items 1 or 2 (depending on induction type) and always 3:


1. PDF of SignOnSite induction form  
A copy of the induction form as completed by the worker inside the SignOnsite app or kiosk app - is saved as a pdf.


2. All files uploaded by the site manager during a manual induction

A copy of all associated documentation provided in a ‘manual’ induction (site manager files uploaded to SignOnSite) - saved in original formats, as uploaded.


3. Induction Record Metadata Summary

A pdf with a copy of metadata associated with the induction record:

  • Date stamp of the generation of this record

  • Name of inducted person

  • Company of the inducted person

  • Date induction was submitted

  • Date induction was approved

  • Approver name

  • Approver email

  • Method of completion (app, kiosk, etc)