Creating a New Permit Template via Web Panel

Creating a New Permit Template

1. From Dashboard, go to the Permits tab then click on the Plus :plus: sign to start drafting your first template.



2. Type in the Type of Job that would apply under the Permit Name, then Select the Permit Type accordingly.



3. Fill out the necessary fields, you can also choose how you want a field to be answered.

Furthermore, you have the option to make the field item Mandatory by ticking the check box

Add Item gives you a subfield under the main field.




4. When you have completed the Permit, you can either Save it as a draft or Publish it right away.



Note: Published templates cannot go back to being drafted once published

(See a Live image of a Permit below)




Quick Overview in the Mobile App

Select Permits from the Site Docs menu.



Note: Only Subbie Supervisors are able to add team members.