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  2. Navigating Through Features
  3. Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS/SSSP's/RAM's)

3. The Review Panel

Standardise processes, ensure consistency, and maintain transparency during the review cycle using Checklists and Comments.


The Review Panel Components

A Checklist - mark off when a task has been completed.

Add Comments - notate the actions required or considerations given when assessing the submitted file.


Creating The Checklist

Company Administrators can build a checklist to include on SWMS submissions.

Site Managers, Subcontractor Supervisors and Company Administrators will see the checklist attached to individual SWMS files.


1. In Company Settings find the SWMS Checklist card

2. Enter the items you wish to include on the checklist

3. Click Save

To add more items, click the Add button

To remove an item, click the  Screen_Shot_2022-07-25_at_2.23.37_pm.png icon

You can begin the Review process and follow the checklist on the submitted SWMS.

Please note - the checklist will not appear on SWMS submitted up to and including 25th July '22.






The Review Panel will sit to the right of the SWMS file.



Adding Comments

Click the Screen_Shot_2022-07-26_at_10.13.33_am.png icon on the right to open the comments section related to that task/check required.

Click Submit when you have finished writing the comment.






When you REJECT a document:

  • The comments on the original file will be locked down (comments can no longer be added) with time + date stamps, and who made the comments.

  • When a file that has been changed/updated is submitted, you can refer to the Review Panel against the previously submitted file to check the changes required.

  • Site Managers and Subcontractor Supervisors can view all comments made in the Review Panel.

When you APPROVE a document:

  • Site Managers and Subcontractor Supervisors can view any comments made in the Review Panel

  • The comments will be saved with time + date stamps, the person who made the comment and accessible when needed.