The Induction Register allows you to keep track of who's been inducted onto your site, and who is yet to undergo induction.

When a new user signs on to your site, they'll be added to the Not Inducted list under the Inductions tab. You may also add users who do not appear on this list using the Induct Someone Else function on the left sidebar.

Marking a user as inducted

To mark someone as inducted, tick the box beside their name and click the Induct Selected Users button at the bottom of the list.

Changing a user's company

If you would like to change a user's company name, just click on their company name in the induction register.

Marking a user as a visitor

If you'd like to mark a user as a visitor, then select "Mark as visitor" in the drop box next to their name. This will add them to the Visitors list.

Remove user from site

If you'd like to remove a user from your site, then select "Wrong site" in the drop box next to their name. This will prevent them from automatically signing on to this site in the future.

Note: this action will be reversed if this user manually signs on to this site again.

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