The Attendance register is a list of the site sign-ons for that day. 

With the Attendance register you can:

  1. View today's sign-ons (including induction and briefing status)
  2. View sign-ons for other days
  3. Sign on workers
  4. Download attendance data as a spreadsheet
  5. Change a workers company
  6. Download a workers visit history

Tip: You can also view the Attendance register on the app!

1. Viewing Today's Sign-Ons

Today's sign-ons will be visible in the main panel as a list.

This record system includes a summary of the device they used to sign on, if they have acknowledged the briefing today and if they are inducted.

Tip: if you'd like to re-order the Attendance Register, click the headings!

2. Viewing Sign-Ons for Other Days

To view sign-ons for other days, simply click the date under Jump to a Date, and select the day you'd like to view.

3. Sign on workers (new and existing)

To sign on new users, type their details under the Sign On a new user section.

To sign on existing users (users who have already signed on to this site before) use the drop down list and search bar.

4. Download a day's attendance data

You can download attendance data for a single day by navigating to that day on the Attendance Register, and clicking Download These Visits at the bottom of the Attendance register.

To access records for a past day, use the Jump to a Date function on the left sidebar. For more information, refer to this article on the Attendance Register.

Tip: to download more than one day's data, use the Site Statistics tool under the Settings tab. Click here to learn more.

5. Change a workers company

You can click on the Company name for a worker to edit it.

You can change the company name for all the records of that user on this site, or jsut moving forward (if they had legitimate sign-ons for a different company up until this one)

If you are using the advanced company registration feature, and have mandated a list of company names, you will be prompted to change the company name to one from the list. 

6. Download a workers visit history

You can click on a workers name to see a snapshot of that worker, and have the option to download their visit history for this site.

Click 'Request User's Visits' to get sent an email with a .csv of all that workers visits for this site to date.

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