The SignOnSite app is the heart of the SignOnSite system - it automatically signs you in and out of the site using your phone's location, lets you manually sign on workers wherever you are, and give you a handy list of your workers on site.

These steps will work whether you're a Site Manager or Subcontractor Supervisor.

Manually signing in a worker

First, open the app and sign in if you haven't. If you need a hand signing in for the first time, click here to learn how.

Now that you've signed in, you're going to navigate to the Visitor Register, via the Manager Panel, and sign a worker on.

  1. You will begin in the Site screen. Tap the Manager icon at the bottom of the screen to go to the Manager Page.

2. Select the Visitor Register button to take you into the Visitor Register page.

3. This is the Visitor Register. Here you can see the day's sign-ins and sign-outs. To sign-in a worker manually, tap the "+" icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

4. This is the Manual Sign-On page. If the worker has previously signed on using SignOnSite, then they'll appear in the list. You can search their name, company or number to find them. Tap on their name to view their profile, and tap "Sign On" to sign them on.

Congratulations, you've manually signed your first worker in!

If the user has not previously signed on using SignOnSite, then refer to the next step instead.

5. If the user has not previously signed in using SignOnSite, tap the "New User" button on the Manual Sign-On page.

6. You'll be taken to this form - fill out the worker's First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and Company, then tap "Sign On".

Congratulations, you've just signed on a completely new user!

7. You can sign off a worker at anytime on your phone by selecting the worker in the attendance register and clicking 'Sign Off'.

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