When you update a briefing, you have the option of notifying your workers of the update to ensure they acknowledge the briefing that has changed.

Push Notification for Updated Briefings

If you update a briefing throughout the day, you now have the ability to send a push notification to all mobile phones of signed on workers.

This will prompt workers read the new updated briefing you have set.

This feature is available via the web panel.

How to update a briefing

To update your initial set briefing, head to the Briefings tab on your web panel, and select Schedule new briefing.

Once you have inputted the updated information, you can simply send a notification to all workers who have previously acknowledged the briefing for the day, to let them know it has changed.

Review your briefing

You will be prompted to review your amendment, and make sure that you would like to proceed with the change.

From here, your new briefing will be set. Your workers on site will be prompted with the notification below that they will need to acknowledge the new set briefing.

​You can also download a report to see who have acknowledged the briefing and/or update. Check out how to do this here.

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