SignOnSite has a public API that customers can use to connect their internal systems, apps and services to, in order to access and use SignOnSite data.

For full technical information please visit the Company 'Settings' tab, navigate to the API section and click the 'open documentation' button.

The SignOnSite public API consists of 2 HTTPS endpoints.

All endpoints are available at

For example: to get a list of sites, the url: should be used.

These both require an authentication token to be sent, which provides company-level access for your account.

As a Company Admin for SignOnSite, you can retrieve this token in the Company 'Settings' tab (see below).

You should provide the API Key with each request, by providing a HTTP header like:

Authorization: Bearer <my_token>

Remember that your token is secret. You should only access our API using HTTPS and you should not transmit your token otherwise. Treat it like a password.

All dates are in ISO8601 format:

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