Marking users as Visitors will improve your data accuracy and remove the warning symbols next to their name in the app Attendance Register.

Note: To unmark someone as a Visitor, you'll need to do so on the Manager's Panel.

Marking users as Visitors on the Manager's Panel

1. Go the Induction Register on the Manager's Paner, and find the name of the user under the "Not Inducted" section.

2. Click the actions box next to the name, and select "Mark as Visitor", and you're done!

3. If you need to undo this, go to the "Visitors" section, and select "Unmark As Visitor".

Marking users as Visitors on the App

1. Go to the Attendance Register in the app. Locate the user you'd like to mark as a Visitor, and tap their name.

2. Tap "Induct User to Site".

3. Under "Is this person a Visitor or not meant to be on site?", tap "Click Here

4. Tap "A Visitor"

5. Confirm that you want to mark this person as a Visitor.

6. You're done!

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