A Site Manager is a type of user in the SignOnSite system. Site Managers are the most common type of user, and they can use all features of the SignOnSite platform except for site creation. The second type of user is Site Administrators, who can create sites and view all sites their company owns. Subcontractor Supervisors are the last type of user, and they receive a restricted version of the platform and visbility only of users from their company. 

Note: to learn more about Site Administrators or Subcontractor Supervisors click on these links.

You'll want to invite your on-site management team to be Site Managers, so they can see the Attendance Register, set Briefings, mark off inductions, manually sign on workers, and initiate evacuations.

To invite someone to become a Site Manager, navigate to the Settings tab and enter their email under the Site Managers section. Click Add to send them an invitations.

The invitee will receive an email which they need to verify before the system will update them as a Site Manager.

To remove a Site Manager, click the box next to their name and click Remove Selected Manager.

Note: Site Managers cannot remove Company Administrators.

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