Each completed induction record can be downloaded by clicking the download icon in the actions column of the "induction Register'

When you click the download icon for any record, the download will begin

Each download will include items 1 OR 2 (depending on induction type) and always 3:

1. PDF of SignOnSite induction form  
A copy of induction form as completed by the worker inside signonsite app or kiosk app - saved as a pdf

2. All files uploaded by the site manager during a manual induction
A copy of all associated documentation provided in a ‘manual’ induction (site manager files uploaded to SignOnSite) - saved in original formats, as uploaded

3. Induction record metadata summary
A pdf with a copy of metadata associated with the induction record:

  • Date stamp of the generation of this record
  • Name of inducted person
  • Company of inducted person
  • Date induction was submitted
  • Date induction was approved
  • Approver name
  • Approver email
  • Method of completion (app, kiosk etc)
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