When you initiate a Site Evacuation, every phone signed onto your site will sound an alert tone and request users to evacuate the site. It can drastically reduce the amount of time your evacuations take, and improve safety on site in the event of an emergency. We strongly encourage all Site Managers and Company Administrators to try it out!

Initiating an evacuation from the Web Panel

1. To initiate a Site Evacuation from the web panel, click the red Evacuation button on the top right hand corner of the screen.

2. You'll be asked whether this is a real emergency or a drill. This will change the message sent to user's phones. Choose the appropriate field.

3. You'll be taken to the Evacuation In Progress screen. Tick off each user as they are accounted for. Click the Complete Evacuation button when you're finished. A site evacuation summary will be sent to you once you complete the evacuation.

Initiating Evacuations from the app

1. Navigate to the Manager's section of the app using the navigation bar, then tap Site Evacuation.

2. Choose whether to initiate a Drill or a Real Emergency.

3. You'll be notified of the evacuation starting, and phone's signed on to the site will sound. Tap continue to start marking off users.

4. Tap a user to mark them off. Tap Finish when you're done.

5. You'll see a summary of the evacuation. You can switch between Inidividual Information and Company Information using the options at the top. When you're satisfied, tap Finalise Evacuation. An email will be sent to you summarising the result of the Evacuation.

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