A site induction template is a company wide template which site managers are able to base their site induction forms off and make changes to specificity where needed.

To make sure pre-population of workers passports when doing inductions can work, a type of new induction form needs to be set up for your sites.

You can build a new induction form template (recommended) so that all new sites and existing sites can set an induction form based on the new template, or you can build a new induction form on each site 'from scratch'

Note: To Create a Site Induction Template you need to be a Company Administrator. If you're a Site Manager and want a generic Site Induction Template to work with, ask a Company Administrator to create one.

Note 2: If you're a Site Manager, you don't need a Site Induction Template to get started. Head here if you want to get started from scratch.

Note 3: You'll need Site Inductions turned on for your company to do this. If you'd like to use Site Inductions, let us know at team@signonsite.com.au

Setting up a new template (recommended)

You need company admin permissions to set a new induction template.

To get started press the 'documents' tab on the SignOnSite dashboard, and press "New Template'

You will notice a different look and feel to the induction form - all the same information you could collect in the old format exists in the new format too!

When setting credentials you wish to make mandatory or optional in induction forms, you can now choose from a list of pre-existing credentials. This is what will enable pre-population when workers with passports complete an induction.

For example, if you request a 'whitecard' and a worker has created a 'whitecard' in their passport, SignOnSite will pre-populate the form with the workers 'whitecard' details.

If you still want to make your own credentials (like the old way) you can select 'custom' credential - but please note that pre-population wont work for customer credentials.

With your new template set up, you can 'activate' a new induction form on all your sites using the new template as a starting point.

Setting an induction 'from scratch' per site

You can also create a new induction form on each site you want to use Passports on 'from scratch'. This is not recommended as you wont be able to copy the form.

To make a new form from scratch, go to the 'inductions' tab and open up the 'induction forms' modal.

Press the 'New Induction Form' button to get started, and select 'From Scratch'

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