The different ways to sign on and when to use themĀ 

SignOnSite offers workers flexibility to make sure they are set up to use the app the way they believe will be most successful.

Sometimes this includes setting their phone up for success with Automatic sign on, and other times it means signing on manually every time.

When a user is working on many sites near each other, or when a user does not want to allow SignOnSite the permissions it needs for automatic sign on to work, the manual option may be a good option to consider.

If you want an automatic sign on experience, you need to make sure SignOnSite has the permissions it needs.

You must have location settings set to 'always' and all the troubleshooting items in your app (Menu->Troubleshooting) should be green.

If you want a manual sign on experience, you can set up your phone in a different way. This article will show you how to toggle between automatic and manual sign on.

Please note that your general contractor may enforce a manual or prompted sign on experience on a site by site basis, so you should always check in with the site management team about how they are using SignOnSite. It is your responsibility to sign on every day.

Toggling automatic sign on

Whether you are on site or off site, inside the app you can always reach the 'Menu' tab.

Inside 'Menu' you will need to go into 'App Settings'

In 'App settings' you can toggle on and off 'Automatic Sign On'

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