The kiosk app now supports the completion of  Induction forms.

The option to use the kiosk for site inductions must will be activated in the 'Settings' for the site.

You must also ensure the kiosk device (ipad or other) has the latest 'SOS Kiosk' app update.

Android -> LINK

Only when an induction form is activated for a site will turning this feature on result in a change to the kiosk. Go to 'Induction' tab and check the 'Induction forms' to see if your form is active. If it is active is will be green.

Scroll down to 'Feature Settings' and turn 'On' the 'Worker Inductions on Kiosk'.

With the feature turned on, all users who are using the kiosk and are not inducted (first sign on or otherwise) will be prompted with a notification to complete an induction every time they sign on until they are inducted.

A worker will have two options after signing on, to complete the induction or to skip the induction.

If 'complete induction' is selected then the form launches on the kiosk.

If 'skip induction' is selected then the worker will be signed on and their status will be 'not inducted'.

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