If for any reason you would like to update your site induction template it is easy to do so. Simply follow the steps below. Please note before reading: A site induction template is what the template a Site Manager will base their Site Inductions from, not the final induction form workers will use.

  1. Open up the company dashboard and click on Documents in the top left corner

2. Click on the little pen icon for the induction that you would like to edit

3. Add any updates you want made to the induction
If you need help doing so click here to see our creating a site induction guide.

4. When you have finished adding updates to your induction scroll to the bottom and click submit. When a site manager selects this template to be used it will now show this updated version.

Please note: This will not update any existing sites using this induction. The site manager will need to select for the updated version to be used. If you would like to see how to update a site specific induction form click here.

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