A site induction form is what the workers will be filling out when they are inducted onto site. In many cases they are based off a company site induction template

To update a site induction form is simple. just follow the steps below.

  1. Open up the web panel for your site and click on Inductions

2. Click on Induction Forms 

3. The green one shows the current site induction form you are using, Click on the duplicate button to get taken to a screen of the copy that you can edit.

4. Add any updates you want made to the site induction form. When done click submit.

5. You will be taken back to the web panel. Click on Induction Forms again

6. Your updated copy will now be the most recently created draft. Click on the tick button to set that as the current form.

7. Click Activate

8. If you would like to require all workers to be re-inducted click Activate  & Re-induct All Workers or if not click Activate Form.

The Updated Induction form will now be active!

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