Smartphones these days come in a range of shapes and sizes. While they all perform some of the same fundamental functions, such as making calls and installing apps, the hardware inside can change drastically from device to device.

While all phones will have the same standard components, like cars, the quality and the performance of these components can differ drastically i.e. a Toyota Camry or Vauxhaull Corsa will not perform the same as a Lamborghini.

How does this affect SignOnSite?

This can be particularly problematic where SignOnSite is concerned. One of the components utilised in our Location Engine is Geofencing. Geofencing in iOS and Android relies on the phone's WiFi and Network chips. The ability of these chips largely dictate whether geofencing can even function correctly.

While new phones have better hardware than older phones, price unfortunately has a big impact on the sensitivity of these chips.

Every phone can be unique in itself, but the list of devices below are known to have issues supporting SignOnSite's Automatic Sign On feature.


  • Samsung J-series phones, notably:
  • SM-J100
  • SM-J105
  • SM-J250
  • SM-J530
  • SM-J701F
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 


  • Lower-end Huawei phones 

Other Brands

  • Oppo phones
  • ZTE phones 
  • TCL phones
  • ASUS phones
  • Vodafone-branded phones
  • TGnCo phones

So what do I do now?

If you or any of your team members have a phone with auto sign on issues, we recommend users manually sign on and off site through the app. 

Users will still receive emergency evacuation and daily briefing notifications and will be able to complete their site induction through the app. However, users will need to remember to sign on and off. 

Users with Site-level Management Access will also be able to sign workers on and off, or the SignOnSite Kiosk can be used by workers if you have one set up. If users forget to sign off, they will be automatically signed off at the site closure time set under 'Settings'.

To change from auto sign on to manual sign on, in the App go to Menu > App Settings, then slide the bar across so it turns from green to grey.

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