When finishing up a project you will need to decide what to do with your site. You can either archive it or leave it active.

If you archive a site, you can activate it again at any time.

When a site is archived workers will no longer sign onto the site - but it will still be accessible to affiliated company administrators and site managers. 

To archive a site follow the steps below:

  1. Select your active site

   2. Go to 'Settings' tab and scroll down to the 'Archive this site' heading. Then click the red 'Archive Site' button.

   3. Now the site will be listed as Archived.

   4. Archived sites may still be accessed for reporting, but wont be able to be 'signed on' to by workers. For example, you may want to get site statistics for an archived site.

   5. When a site is Archived, you can reactivate it (people can sign on again) and delete it (gone forever) by scrolling down to the 'Activate or Delete this site' heading in 'Settings'

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