Internet Access:
This shows if the device is connected to the internet through mobile data. This is used to help determine your phone's location. 

To turn on mobile data in general:

  1.  Swipe up from the bottom of the screen so the control panel is displayed

   2.  Click the mobile data button. When it is green mobile data is turned on and            you have internet access. 

Sometimes, your phone might be configured to not allow new apps access to mobile data. In this case even if your data is turned the SignOnSite app won't connect to the internet until you turn mobile data on for SignOnSite.

To turn on mobile data for SignOnSite:

  1. Open up the settings app and click on Mobile

   2. Scroll down and click on the slider next to the SignOnSite app to turn it                   green. This allows SignOnSite to use mobile data.

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