This guide explains how to Link SignOnSite Sites with Procore Projects, to allow attendance data from site to be automatically sent to the Manpower Log in Procore.

There are 3 key steps to achieve integration between a SignOnSite Site and Procore Project.

Step 1. Preparing Procore.

It is important to ensure your project in Procore has been set up with the required information that will enable a successful integration.

SignOnSite collects Sign On and Sign Off times, relative to the geo-location of where that event occurred. So, it is very important that the timezone set for the Procore Project is the same as the physical location of the site.

To check and/or edit timezones in Procore, log into a Project, and go to Toolbox->Admin (shown below).

The Admin section of Procore will allow you to check or edit the timezone for this Project (see below).

It is also critically important that you have the correct permissions in Procore. Please ensure that you have

  • Standard Company Directory access, AND 
  • Standard Site Daily Log access

Step 2. Linking Sites (SignOnSite) with Projects (Procore)

This step can only be performed by Company Administrators and will create the linkage between the the two systems for the desired job(s).

To link SignOnSite and Procore, Company Administrators will need to click on the Settings cog from the SignOnSite Dashboard (see below).

Next, scroll down to the Procore Integration section and click the 'Configure Procore Projects' button (see below).

Note - please ensure you have permissions in Procore for: 

  • Standard Company Directory access, AND 
  • Standard Site Daily Log access

You will then need to provide your Procore Username and Password to retrieve your Procore 'token' (an API token is a unique identifier of an application requesting access to your service - in this case SignOnSite is requesting access to your Procore service).

You can then link your SignOnSite Sites with your Procore Projects one-by-one.

Find the SignOnSite Site you wish to link from the list of your current Sites.

Click 'Choose Project'.

A modal will open with a list of your Procore Projects.

Select the Project you want to link with.

Click the 'Connect' button.

Congratulations! You have successfully linked your SignOnSite Site with a Procore Project.

Step 3. Configuring the Site in SignOnSite

The final step is to configure which Companies in SignOnSite correspond to which Vendors in Procore.

Once this configuration is confirmed for a principal contractor, it will be remembered across all sites created and managed by that principal contractor.

The first time you configure Companies (SignOnSite term) with Vendors (Procore term) there will be many linkages to be established. This administrative work will then be reduced through time as only new companies/vendors will need to be configured.

Go to the Site in SignOnSite, and click on the 'Settings' tab. Scroll down to find the section named 'Match Procore Vendors'.

Click the 'Configure Procore Vendors' button.

A list of all SignOnSite Companies that have signed on to this site will be displayed on the left.

For each company associated with the site, a Procore Vendor must be selected.

For a given SignOnSite Company, click 'Choose' to open a list of Procore Vendors you have set up in Procore.

Find the relevant Vendor and click 'Match'.

Recognising that subcontractors sometimes further subcontract their work on a particular site, we allow you to specify this relationship in Procore. The next screen allows you to indicate whether company relationship you are creating should exist for all your sites, or if it should only exist for that site. Ticking the checkbox will make the relationship exist only for that site.

Continue to link Companies with Vendors until there are no further SignOnSite companies remaining to be linked (unless there are companies you do not want to capture in Procore).

When will I see data in Procore?

A new Procore Manpower Log is created the first time a company signs onto site. This allows you to easily insert your notes against the company throughout the day.

We will update the hours associated with the log throughout the day seamlessly, preserving any notes that you take.


Make sure you do not mark Procore's Daily Log as 'Complete' before SignOnSite's attendances have been sent.

If log is marked as complete, it will prevent SignOnSite from being able to transmit further information for that day.

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