The first step to success with your app is making sure your permissions are all set up in the troubleshooting menu. Many problems can be avoided and fixed by troubleshooting.

to access the troubleshooting menu:

  1. Open the SignOnSite app and click on the menu button.

   2.  Click on the troubleshooting button

   3. You can now view the troubleshoot settings

For SignOnSite to be functioning correctly these settings should all be marked with a green word. If they are not, don't panic - simply follow the steps below to change them.

How to change troubleshoot settings:

  1. Open up settings

   2. Scroll down and click on application manager 

   3. Scroll down and click on the SignOnSite app

From here each setting has to be changed individually. To find out how click on the respective link below.

Location Services:
Location Permission:
Run In Background:

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