Distributing Site Inductions is fast and easy when users have the app. But if one of your users doesn't have the app, or doesn't have a smartphone, then you can still induct them.

You can easily print off the Site Induction form you've created, ask them to fill it out on paper, and then upload this form to the cloud using your app.

1. Navigate to the site you want to set your site induction for using the Manager's Panel. You can do this by searching for your site on the dashboard.

2. Open the Inductions section on the Manager's Panel.

3. Click "Induction Forms".

4. This popup will appear.

Under "Current" you'll see your current Induction Form. Click the eye icon to view the Induction Form.

5. You'll be taken to the Induction Form. Use your Web Browser to print the page as many times as you need. 

Generally, the print button will be up the top right or left of your browser. For example, here's where it is in the Chrome browser.

And here's where it is in Internet Explorer.

6.  Get your workers without smartphones to fill out these paper forms.

7. When you get a form back from a worker, you can add it into the Site Inductions system using the app. Open the app, and go to the Attendance Register.

8. Tap on the name of the person you'd like to induct (they should have already signed on, so their name will be on the list - If not, ask them to sign on using the kiosk, or sign them on manually yourself).

Once you tap on their name, you'll see this screen. Their "Site Induction" should be "uninducted".

9. Tap "Induct user to site" and you should see this screen.

Tap "Upload Document or Photo", take a picture of each page of their site induction, and save it with a sensible Document Name ("Page 1" etc).

For each new page or document, press the "+ Add" button.

10. When you're done, tap "Submit".

You're done! Just attach induction docs for each worker without the app, and you can access them whenever you want through the app or the Manager's Panel.

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