Sometimes workers who have previous worked on your site can continue to sign on when they walk past. You can stop these users from automatically signing on to improve your data quality and remove false positives on your Induction Register.

You can do this from either the app or the Manager's Panel.

Removing users using the Manager's Panel

1. Navigate to the Induction Register for your site.

2. Look for the user you want to remove under the "Not Inducted" section. Click the bin icon under the actions section on the right hand side.

3. A pop-up will appear. Answer "Yes".

4. You're done! If you want to reverse this, just ask the user to sign on again manually.

Removing users using the app

Go to the Attendance Register in the app. Locate the user you'd like to remove, and tap their name.

2. Tap "Induct User to Site".

3. Under "Is this person a Visitor or not meant to be on site?", tap "Click Here

4. Tap "On the Wrong Site".

5. A pop-up will appear, asking if you're sure. Tap "Hide User".

6. You're done! To reverse this, ask the user to sign on again manually.

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