Having trouble filling out your site induction using the SignOnSite app? Just follow this simple guide.

1. Open the app.

2. Go to the Site Docs tab.

3. Click on the Site Induction button

4. You'll see the Site Induction form now. Complete the fields provided.

During the induction process if the camera is showing a blank screen when you are attempting to take a picture of your licences click here to follow the steps to fix it.

5. A. Some Inductions may require you to put your signature in. If it does you will see this. Hit Draw Signature. If not skip to step 6.

5. B. You will be taken to the signature screen where you can draw your signature with your finger then click confirm when done

6. Tap submit when you're finished the induction.

If the Site Induction requires you to fill out a quiz, then you'll need to get it right before you're able to submit.

7. Your Induction form will now be submitted to your supervisor for review. The app should look like this.

8. Your supervisor will either accept or reject your Induction Form. If it's accepted, your app will look like this.

If your supervisor rejects your Induction form, it will look like it was before you submitted your form. Ask your supervisor what you need to change in your form, and resubmit it using steps 3-7 above.

Congratulations, you've just done your first digital site induction!

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