Note: both Site Managers and Company Administrators can create and set Site Induction Forms.

Note 2:  Ensure the inductions are set to enabled. This is done by going onto site settings in the web panel and clicking enable inductions

With a Site Induction active on your site, you have a new level of visibility over your site's compliance. You can see who's on site, which people still need to complete an induction, and keep all your paperwork safe and accessible in the cloud.

  1. Navigate to the site you want to set your site induction for using the Manager's Panel. You can do this by searching for your site on the dashboard.

2. Navigate to the Inductions tab of your site.

3. Click the "Induction Forms" button on the left.

Note: If your window doesn't have this button then your company may not have inductions enabled. Talk to your Company Admin, or drop us an email yourself to get it enabled.

4. This popup will appear.

The Current section is the Induction Form that's currently active for users on your site (if you or someone else has already set a form). Once a form is active, you won't be able to change it - to make a modified version, click the copy button, edit the copy, and then set it as active when you're done.

The Drafts section is where incomplete forms will appear. If you copy a form, or create a new form, it will appear here. You can set these forms as active, view them, edit them, or delete them.

The History section is where your old active forms are stored. This lets you see the history of the Induction forms you've had on site. You can restore an old version as the active form, view the old form, or delete it.

To start a new inductions form, click "New Induction Form".

5. Once you click "New Induction Form" this box will appear. If you're starting from scratch, then select the top option and click "Create New Form".

It's worth checking if your Company Administrators have given you a template to work with - if so, choose "Create from a Company Template".

Lastly, if you already have existing site forms you'd like to modify then choose "Create from an existing Site Form".

6. You'll be taken to the form wizard. Create your form as you'd like. A few tips:

  • Project information fields will be automatically filled out on each site
  • Most basic worker information can be added using the worker information tab
  • Licenses and competencies can be added by ticking "Would you like to collect your worker's licences and competencies?"
  • Upload any documents or slides you want your users to see by ticking "Upload additional informative images"
  • Use the Worker Acknowledgements section for items you want your users to individually acknowledge
  • Use the quiz builder to test your worker's knowledge of the material above
  • You are able to ask if workers are an apprentice by ticking the Apprentice Status box.
  • You can require all users to electronically sign their induction by ticking the Electronic Signature box.
  • You are able to ask for workers indigenous status by ticking the Indigenous Status box (please note this is available for Australian companies only).

7. Hit Submit to finish creating your form!

Note: If submit doesn't seem to work, go back and make sure you've filled in all the fields you want to use.

8. You now have a form - Congratulations! 

You'll return to the Inductions screen. Click Induction Forms, and you should see your form under the Drafts section.

Click the Tick button to set it as your current site form, or review it by clicking the Eye symbol.

When you set it as the active form, you'll be asked if you're sure you want to set it as active. Click OK if you're happy with your form. You'll then be asked if you want to reinduct all workers with the new form. Press Yes if you do, or No if you don't.

9. Hooray - your site now has a Site Induction! Workers will now be asked to fill out this induction when they first arrive on site (if they haven't already). 

To learn how to review and accept inductions, then read this article.

To learn how workers fill out induction forms, then read this article.

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