A site induction template is a company wide template which site managers are able to base their site induction forms off and make changes to specificity where needed.

Note: To Create a Site Induction Template you need to be a Company Administrator. If you're a Site Manager and want a generic Site Induction Template to work with, ask a Company Administrator to create one.

Note 2: If you're a Site Manager, you don't need a Site Induction Template to get started. Head here if you want to get started from scratch.

Note 3: You'll need Site Inductions turned on for your company to do this. If you'd like to use Site Inductions, let us know at team@signonsite.com.au

1. To create a Site Induction Template, first go to the company dashboard. This is the page you see when you first log in.

2. Click on the Documents tab at the top of the screen. You'll see this view.

3. Click on the "+ New Template" button.

4. You'll be taken to the form wizard. Create your form as you'd like. A few tips:

  • Project information fields will be automatically filled out on each site
  • Most basic worker information can be added using the worker information tab
  • Licenses and competencies can be added by ticking "Would you like to collect your worker's licences and competencies?"
  • Upload any documents or slides you want your users to see by ticking "Upload additional informative images"
  • Use the Worker Acknowledgements section for items you want your users to individually acknowledge
  • Use the quiz builder to test your worker's knowledge of the material above
  • If you want certain sections to be changed by site managers, try marking them using all capital letters like "The designated entrance for deliveries is CHANGE THIS."
  • You are able to ask if workers are an apprentice by ticking the Apprentice Status box.
  • You can require all users to electronically sign their induction by ticking the Electronic Signature box.
  • You are able to ask for workers indigenous status by ticking the Indigenous Status box (please note this is available for Australian companies only).

5. Hit Submit to finish!

Note: If submit doesn't seem to work, go back and make sure you've filled in all the fields you want to use.

6. Your template is now live! Use the buttons next to your template to view, edit or delete it.

Your site managers can now use this template in all of their sites, and use it as a starting point to make their Site Inductions!

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