Site Inductions are a great way to save time, reduce paperwork and ensure your site's compliance. With Site Inductions, you can create a Site Induction Template for your whole company to start with, create a specific Site Induction Form for each site, distribute these induction forms to your workers, and review each form individually.

Creating a Site Induction Template

This allows you to create an induction template that can be used for all induction forms in your company.
To create a site induction template, please view this article.

Creating and Setting a Site Induction form

You can make an induction form from scratch or use the company template.
To create and set a site induction form, please view this article.

Completing a Site Induction

Once the induction form has been created it can be completed through the app
To learn how workers can complete a site induction, please view this article.

Reviewing Site Inductions

Once an induction has been completed it is able to be reviewed online. From here they can either be accepted or rejected.
To review site inductions, please view this article.

Performing manual Site Inductions

If someone doesn't have access to a smart phone the induction can be printed and completed manually then uploaded through a managers app. From there it can be reviewed online and stored.
To perform a manual site induction, please view this article.

Marking users as Visitors

In some cases you may have a visitor coming to the site. Instead of leaving them un-inducted causing data inaccuracies and a warning sign to appear next to their name you can mark them as a visitor.
To mark users as Visitors, please view this article.

Removing users from your site

To stop previous workers accidentally signing on to your site you can remove them from the site which will increase your data accuracy
To remove users from your site, please view this article.

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