If you have an Android device and have received the ‘Screen Overlay Detected’ message, there is fortunately a quick fix that can help you to get around the problem. This issue has appeared after an update to the permissions system in Android 'Marshmallow' and 'Nougat', so whilst there is a solution it requires a few steps to be taken by the user until this is fixed by Android.

Currently this error will be stopping you from finding sites, or signing on.

There are 2 options to fix this issue. Please start with Option 1 first, and then try Option 2 if the issue persists.

This problem is caused by certain apps that create pop-ups or 'bubbles' on top of your mobile screen.

To make sure that SignOnSite is able to effectively trigger an emergency alarm tone and provide safety updates as part of the 'Daily Briefing' to your device, SignOnSite needs to be set up when these apps that use pop-up 'bubbles' are not currently active on your device.

PLEASE NOTE: This is only during your first set up, and all other apps can then be used at any time while also using SignOnSite.

Please start troubleshooting with Option 1 below.

Option 1 - Permissions for apps to 'appear on top'

You will be seeing an error like this on your screen.

Click the 'Open Settings' button, which will take you to the following screen.

It is at this point you will see the list of apps that have been given permission to  'appear on top of other apps'.

You will need to temporarily turn off (switch green slider to off, to the left, to make it look grey and no longer green) some common apps listed below that typically causes this problem. Remember this is only required during the initial setup of SignOnSite and you can then turn these permissions back on after getting set up.

Common apps that cause this problem include:

  • Facebook messenger, 
  • Flux,
  • CFLumen,
  • Twilight, 
  • CleanMaster, 
  • WhatsApp, and
  • ES File Explorer.

If you see these apps on your list, or any other app that that cause pop-up 'bubbles' to appear on your phone, then please turn the 'appear over other apps' permissions to OFF (grey with slider to the left) while completing the setup of SignOnSite. 

To turn these back on later go to Settings -> Application Manager -> Apps that can appear on top.

Go back to the SignOnSite app, click 'Search for Sites' to populate your site options as follows.

Click the Site of your choice to Sign On. 

You should now see the following screen, confirming you have signed on.

If you are still having issues, please proceed to Option 2.

Option 2 - Reset your phone, and try to log into SignOnSite with no other apps running.

Please reset, or turn off and turn on your phone.

Once completed, ensure all other apps except for SignOnSite are closed.

This includes apps that run in the background such as screen dimmer apps, and chat/instant messaging apps.

Open the SignOnSite app and attempt to 'Search For Your Site' and try signing on.

If you still see the 'Screen overlay detected' error, this means that there are still other apps on your device that have the 'appear on top' permission turned 'on' that now need to be temporarily turned 'off' using the steps in Option 1.

If you require further support please contact support@signonsite.com.au
You can also call 1800 SIGN ON (1800 744 666) for support.

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