The Attendance register is a list of the site sign-ons for that day. 

With the Attendance register you can:

  1. View today's sign-ons
  2. Manually sign users off
  3. View sign-ons for other days
  4. View how the user signed on
  5. View if the user acknowledged the daily briefing
  6. Sign on new users
  7. Sign on existing users
  8. Download attendance data as a spreadsheet

Tip: You can also view the Attendance register on the app!

Viewing Today's Sign-Ons

Today's sign-ons will be visible in the main panel as a list.

Tip: if you'd like to re-order the Attendance Register, click the headings!

Manually Singing Users Off

To manually sign a user off, click the Sign Off button next to their name.

Viewing Sign-Ons for Other Days

To view sign-ons for other days, simply click the date under Jump to a Date, and select the day you'd like to view.

Seeing how users signed on

To view how a user signs on simply look under the device column next to the users name. A legend is present at the top of the screen detailing what each symbol means

Seeing if users have acknowledged the daily briefing

Under the briefing column a user will either have a tick or cross next to their name. A tick means they have acknowledged the daily briefing a cross means they haven't

Sign on new users

To sign on new users, type their details under the Sign On a new user section.

Sign on existing users

To sign on an existing user, start typing their name under the Search for an existing user section. Select their name when it appears, and click Sign Them On.

Download a day's attendance data

You can download attendance data for a single day by navigating to that day on the Attendance Register, and clicking Download These Visits at the bottom of the Attendance register.

To access records for a past day, use the Jump to a Date function on the left sidebar. For more information, refer to this article on the Attendance Register.

Tip: to download more than one day's data, use the Site Statistics tool under the Settings tab. Click here to learn more.

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